Special deal: send me your copy for free comments

I am offering a special deal. If you send me your writing, I will give comments for free. The condition is that I would like to give the comments publicly in an anonymous video format.

I will give comprehensive comments just as I would for a normal interactive lesson. But for this special deal, the comments will be provided via public video (YouTube). The videos will consist of a user’s view of a document screen, with me talking over the top. I will make corrections in the document and speak to the author as I would if it were a video call, giving my recommendations. I will remove all personal identifiers. Also, we need to keep the length suitable for video; if you send me a very long document, I will do an extract of it for free in the video.

Please get in touch if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Speaking of video, I have just launched a YouTube channel about science. I said elsewhere on this site that science and science communication are major interests for me. I hope you enjoy the video series. It starts with astrobiology but will not be limited to just that.

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