Suggestions and rates

These services are for anyone, anywhere. You don’t have to be a native English speaker, but it would be very helpful if your English were already good.

Note that I am not offering editing or proofreading services. I will not be fixing your documents, especially not school assignments the day before they’re due. Instead of doing it for you, I will teach you how to do it. I will indicate the types of problems you need to address for subsequent versions. Then I’ll want to see the next version as well, and we’ll keep working on the next level of problems.

Note also that teaching and learning writing involve a certain amount of constructive criticism. It’s part of the role of a teacher to say, “not like that, like this”. I will be as gentle and supportive as I can. I intend to make it like tai chi classes where teachers correct students’ postures in a clear and definite way, that’s also supportive and encouraging. I will never say to any student not to bother with writing.

If you live in the Melbourne metro area, face to face meetings could be arranged. For everyone else, we can communicate via a combination of email, Skype or Zoom.

I am flexible about how to approach classes. If you need something specific, let me know. However, in the typical case, I propose to spend half our time reading and annotating what you’ve written, and the remainder writing up otherwise explaining my comments for you. We would fit short documents into one hour, but in most cases a two-hour session would be more productive.

You may book the same time slot every week if you like. You may also make ad hoc or occasional bookings as suits you.

No poetry. I can’t help you with that. My ex-wife (who was a famous poet) says you either have the poetry gene or you don’t. I don’t.

Suggested rates

Prices range from AUD 70 to AUD 150 per session (including 10% GST) for ad hoc classes. Sessions will generally be one hour except by agreement. Two sessions is recommended.

The exact rate will depend on your needs. Contact me for a free quote.

Discounted rates for an extended series of classes.

Tailored short or long courses for in-house groups, by arrangement.

Payments are to be made up front via PayPal. We can discuss electronic bank transfers if need be.

Comparison with other professionsRates (AUD), per hour
Photographer250 – 350
Accountant200 – 300
Golf coach120
Expert specialist editor110
Plumber 100 – 150
Business consultant100
Experienced non-specialist editor80
Electrician70 – 130
Counsellor60 – 120
Most of these do not involve as much reading time as a writing teacher.