For the initial contact, please use the contact form below which will send me an email. Include what you want to cover and times you are available.

If you want a video lesson, please specify which video system you want to use. For now, I can use Skype, Zoom, and Facebook chat. I can’t use Facetime at present.

Email me

Business Hours

I will usually be available every day between 10 am and 10 pm (Melbourne time, GMT+10). The start time can be be flexible if need be.

You may find it helpful to compare your time zone with mine so that we can arrange a suitable time together. This and similar other meeting planners can be helpful.


For most people, it will be easier to make payments via Paypal. After you get my reply to your email, you’ll have the email address.

Australians will also have the option to “Pay anyone” via your online banking’s “pay anyone” feature. Contact me for details.