The solution

Customised, individualised teaching

Student need coaching tailored to their individual needs. Everyone learns at different rates and in different ways. Generic classroom approaches almost never get the balance right, leaving everyone a bit dissatisfied. This is especially true in writing, because individual feedback on the students’ own writing is the most important part, yet this is the bit teachers dislike most and therefore neglect.

For those who need active teaching of skills, the best form of teaching has always been 1:1 instruction. We’ve had this kind of teaching for thousands of years, and it works.

As with any skill, students will learn it faster if the teacher is there with them at every repetition, acknowledging improvement but also indicating what they need to work on next.

Instruction can be provided as written notes, as a video class, or via a combination of the two.

However, to learn writing, you must write. Ideally, you would produce something, which will be commented upon. It’s often beneficial to return to the same task and improve upon it.

We can use whatever writing you’re working on, or I can give you individually designed assignments.

If you want a single class about a specific topic, that’s fine.

If you want extended teaching, or full course, from beginner to advanced, that’s fine too.

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Academic writing
  • University application essays
  • English-test preparation
  • Publishing advice
  • Stuff writing courses don’t cover

Wordcraft, storycraft, structure, dialogue, characterisation, academic conventions, argumentation, editing – whatever you need, that’s what we’ll do. Anything except poetry.