Science Communication

Aside from writing, I’m also highly experienced at working in and teaching other forms of communication.

One of my main interests is science communication. Since 1992, I have been a science writer and communicator. I create, manage, and advise about communications products and strategies for scientists. This makes me exceptionally able to teach you how to do it.

I have worked with extremely smart people who nevertheless have great difficulty explaining their work to others. As with writing, some people are naturally good at this, whereas many others need some help. Most researchers do not get this guidance via their studies.

I don’t like the term dumbing-down. But I can teach you how to connect with and make your message meaningful to non-experts, using concepts they can relate to. I can also teach you how not to seem like a geek.

I have often helped PhD students, and researchers at all levels, write or speak for the public. This includes conference-presentation coaching. I also do media-skills training, and everything related to science communication.

I also have considerable experience formally teaching communication skills. My qualifications include science communication, and I used to run a course in this subject at the University of Canberra.

This also applies to vloggers and podcasters, regardless of subject area. Communication principles are pretty much the same regardless of subject. I’ll watch or listen to your stuff and give comments.

If you need this kind of instruction, please get in touch. We can do all of this as with the writing classes, via a combination of email and online video.